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        Glass Hat Magazine - Issue 13 - August 2013

        標簽: 時尚雜志

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        Glass Hat Magazine Issue 13 August 2013

        Glass Hat Magazine - Issue 13 - August 2013
        English | PDF | 48 Pages | 8.43 Mb

        The month of August represents a turning point for the Glass Hat Magazine. When I say turning point, I mean one year ago the magazine was focused on being a conservative business magazine. Stephh Williams, Katrina Williams, Daniel Shirley, Kayla Self, Miss Brooklyn, Autumn Hill.
        This year, the mentality of the magazine has changed and we now are the heavy weight champ, who is waiting for a contender to attempt to knock us off our throne. The magazine has decided to take a less conservative approach to content and we now are showing more skin. I am sure many of our male supporters will be ecstatic about the new changes because that means we will have more beautiful ladies in bikinis in the magazine. For all the ladies that subscribe to the magazine, I assure you we have a special surprise for you too, we are an equal opportunity magazine and we take pride in satisfying both genders!

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